Tournament Rules and Information

The following information applies to ESC end of season tournaments.
Please visit the schedules page for tournament brackets, scheduling, and results.


The ESC end of season tournament is organized at the conclusion of each ESC fall and spring season. Teams must have participated in the preceding local recreational season to be eligible for the end of season tournament. In cases where a division has only a few teams, the division may not be included in the tournament. When necessary, divisions and age groups may be combined. These situations will be communicated to coaches.

Rules and Guidelines

All regular season ESC rules, regulations, and policies apply to tournament games.

•  Coaches must notify ESC staff if they wish to participate
•  No guest players are allowed
•  Players will not be added to team rosters after the regular season has ended
•  50% play time, per player, per game required just as in the regular season

Format, Schedule, and Forfeits
•  Tournament seeding is determined by regular season standings
•  All brackets are single-elimination
•  All game durations are the same as in regular season
•  Teams who are unable to play at their scheduled time shall forfeit
•  Teams who voluntarily withdraw from the field during a game shall forfeit

•  Coaches are responsible for the actions of their staff, players, and parents
•  Cautioned players (yellow card) may be substituted
•  Sent off players (red card) may not play their next scheduled game
•  Dismissed coaches may not attend their next scheduled game
•  Repeat or serious issues may result in not attending any remaining games

•  U6: Not participating in tournament (participation awards)
•  U7-U8: Awards for 1st and 2nd place, participation awards for others
•  U10 and older: Awards for 1st and 2nd place


Tournament games ending in a tie shall be decided as detailed below.

Prelims, Quarters, Semis
•  Kicks from the penalty mark

•  10 minute overtime (two 5-minute halves)
•  No “golden goal” during overtime
•  If tied after overtime, kicks from the penalty mark

Kicks from the Penalty Mark
•  Only players who are on the field of play at the end of the match are eligible to take kicks
•  Five (5) kicks for each team, then as required
•  Proceed past the initial round only if the score is still tied
•  Past the initial round, kicks proceed in single pairs
•  Ending when, in a given pair, a team scored while the other did not
•  For divisions without a penalty mark, the center spot is used
•  For divisions without a goalkeeper, no goalkeeper or defender may be used