Registration Guide

The purpose of this registration guide is to provide parents, players, and coaches with a general understanding of the Enid Soccer Club registration and team formation process. Most common registration questions can be answered by reading the information contained in this guide.

This guide is updated as policies and procedures change. Review this information each season to stay up to date. If you have any questions, email the ESC Registration Coordinator.

How to Register

Players can be registered online using GotSoccer. A link to the online registration page will be posted each season. The entire registration process can be completed online. Players can also register in person at a registration event. Please bring proof of age for first time players. Players must register for each fall and spring season they wish to play.

Online registration can be accessed by a player or family login. If you have registered previously, you should log in to your existing account, rather than create a new one. The system will notify you if an account already exists for a given player. Contact the ESC Registration Coordinator if you need assistance accessing your account. Be sure to go through the entire registration process and verify that you receive a confirmation email. Otherwise, your registration may not have been submitted.

We highly recommend registering by the deadline to ensure the best chance of being assigned to a team. Late registrations will be accepted for a period after the deadline. However, teams are being formed during this time and there may not be openings for late registered players. If you want to stay on the same team, register on time.


The Enid Soccer Club sponsors a spring season during the February to May period and a fall season from the August to November period. Players must register each fall and spring season they wish to play. Registration deadlines are published online and typically are associated with a discount for early registration or a fee for late registration.


Special requests include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Playing on a particular team
  • Playing for a particular coach
  • Playing on the same team as a friend or relative
  • Play up an age group
  • Be moved to a different team

These requests will be visible to the ESC Registration Coordinator during team formation. Please do not put special requests in the player notes section. If you forget to make a request or need to change your request, email ESC Registration Coordinator.

Sometimes it is not possible to honor a request for various reasons:

  • The requested team is full
  • The requested team is in a lower age group
  • The requested teammate did not register

If a request cannot be honored, the player may be placed on a different team. Due to the number of registrations and the limited amount of time during team formation, we cannot always contact parents individually to discuss team assignments. The ESC Administrative Regulations include detailed information regarding player release and transfers.

Proof of Age

The club is required to view proof of age for all players. You only need to provide this when a player is first registered, not each season. The club does not keep any documents on file. The documentation is verified by the club and then returned. Proof of age is normally a copy of the child’s birth certificate, but other official documents such as a passport or DD Form 1173 can be used. For older players, a driver’s license can be used.

Teams and Coaching

The divisions are sometimes adjusted according to growth and change at our club. Some divisions may be coed. Please contact the club if you are unsure of what divisions are available for a particular season or for upcoming changes.

Players who were previously on a team are assigned to the same team, unless otherwise requested, or when it is not possible due to the player’s age. New teams are formed as necessary. Boy and girl teams are separate except for coed divisions.

There are many teams each season. Of these, some will not already have a volunteer coach. The families on these teams will be contacted and we will attempt to find a coach volunteer from among the parents. In the event we are unable to find a coach for a team, those players will be dropped from registration and receive a full refund. Generally, all volunteer coaches have a child playing on the team. However, it is not a requirement.


Registration fee amounts vary by age group, level, and season. Please note that there may be an additional fee for registering after the deadline. Payments can be in the form of credit card, check, or cash. Credit card payments may be made online or in person at a registration event. Cash and check payments must be made in person.


Refund requests made on or before the regular deadline will receive a full refund. After the deadline, or being assigned to a team, at least $15 is nonrefundable. No refunds will be issued after the first weekend of games.

If we are unable to assign a player to a team, we will issue a refund. This sometimes happens when players register late, after teams have already been formed. This can also be due to the number of players in a division or lack of coaches for an age group.

Refund requests must be in writing (paper or email). Credit card payments will be refunded back to the same credit card. Check or cash payments will be refunded by check mailed to the household address in the registration system.