Black Thunder Tournament Winners

Black ThunderEnid Soccer Club U12 team Black Thunder, coached by Mark Wright, won 1st place at the Clinton Arsenal Cup this past weekend. The team went undefeated at the event presented by the Clinton Soccer Club. Great job on the first place finish.

Enid Kings at NOKC Festival De Futbol

Enid KingsEnid Soccer Club U10 team Enid Kings, coached by Jorge Cabada Jr, won 1st place in the gold bracket of the 2014 NOKC Festival De Futbol. They went undefeated, 4-0, at the tournament presented by the North Oklahoma City Soccer Club. This is the second tournament win this season for the team. Congratulations on the first place finish and great season.

Offside Rule Explained

The offside law is perhaps the most confusing of the soccer laws to understand, for both players and spectators. Below is some information and videos to help in understanding. If you have any questions, please email

  • The offside rule is only observed in the U12-U16 age groups.
  • Offside will not be called if an offside player is not involved in active play.
  • Active play includes gaining an advantage by being offside, interfering with a play, or an opponent.
  • The player must be on the opponent’s half of the soccer field.
  • Offside being called nullifies any result that occurred during the play (including goals).
  • Offside is not called if a player receives the ball directly from a goal kick, throw-in, or corner kick.

Congratulations Enid Kings

Enid KingsEnid Soccer Club U10 team Enid Kings won 1st place in the gold bracket of the 2014 Indian Springs Labor Day Tournament. The tournament was presented by Broken Arrow Soccer Club. Congratulations on the tournament win from ESC!

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