Fall 2016

The fall 2016 Enid Soccer Club season is introducing many changes. This page was created to provide parents, coaches, and players with information about these changes and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Many of these changes at Enid Soccer Club are in accordance with new state and national requirements. The club is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Soccer Association at the state level and US Soccer at the national level. While change can sometimes be confusing and frustrating, the goal is the continued growth of Enid Soccer Club and encouraging player development.

In addition to this overview, please review the Player Development Initiatives page.
If you have any questions, please email soccer@enidsoccer.com.


Online registration is open for players, coaches, and managers. The club also has registration events at the soccer complex. The upcoming event schedule is available below. If you have questions about online registration, please email the ESC Registration Coordinator. Registrations after July 31 will be charged a $10 late fee.

Fall 2016 Registration
•  Saturday, July 30, 7-10pm
•  Friday, August 5, 6-8pm
•  Saturday, August 13, 9am-2pm
•  Register online
•  Email jeffp@enidsoccer.com to check on team availability

Revised Club Regulations

The club now has revised bylaws and regulations. These include many changes from previous seasons. The documents are available on the resources page. All members are encouraged to review the revised documents. Some of the changes are detailed below.

Player Release Form
Players requesting to transfer from an active ESC team to another ESC team must provide the ESC Registration Coordinator with a properly documented ESC player release form. A player may be transferred, without formal release, from any team that is unavailable for reasons verifiable by the ESC Registration Coordinator.

Coach Agreement Form
All coaches must sign an ESC coach agreement form each fall and spring season. The coach agreement form requires that coaches have read, understand, and accept all ESC administrative regulations, bylaws, playing rules, and all policies contained within.

Age Groups

US Soccer is going to calendar birth years to align with international standards and Youth National Team programs. Previously, age groups were determined based on players born between Aug 1 and July 31. The change to calendar year age groups will reflect the calendar year, or Jan 1 to Dec 31. Players are still allowed to play in an older age group.

The following is a list containing each possible player birth year followed by their age group for the Enid Soccer Club fall 2016 season.

2012 – U5
2011 – U6
2010 – U7
2009 – U8
2008 – U9
2007 – U10
2006 – U11
2005 – U12
2004 – U13
2003 – U14
2002 – U15
2001 – U16
2000 – U17
1999 – U18
1998 – U19

The new age groups are detailed on the Player Development Initiatives page.

Teams and Playing Rules

The ESC regulations regarding recreational team size, local playing format, and playing rules have been updated. A summary of these is listed below. For a detailed overview, please review the ESC Playing Rules and Administrative Regulations.

•  3v3 has been replaced with 4v4
•  U5-U8 divisions are now 4v4 with an 8 player roster limit
•  U9-U10 division is now 7v7
•  U11-U12 division is now 9v9
•  New field and goal sizes
•  U9-U10 fields now include build-out lines
•  U9-U10 now includes a modified offside law
•  Deliberate heading is not allowed in U5-U12 games
•  Punting not allowed in the U9-U10 division

Please review the Heading Initiative and Player Development Initiatives for more details.

Season Dates

July 28 Coaching academy at soccer complex 6-8pm
July 29-31 Coach E license course in Enid
July 30 Registration at soccer complex 7-10pm
August 5 Registration at soccer complex 6-8pm ($10 late fee)
August 6 Coaches meeting
August 13 Registration at soccer complex 9am-2pm ($10 late fee)
Coaching academy at soccer complex 3pm
Deadline for teams to submit schedule blackout dates
August 20 Enid referee courses at soccer complex.
August 21 Local schedule released
September 10 First recreational games
November 5-10 End of local regular season
November 12-13 Local end of season tournament
November 15 Fall general membership meeting

Local U13-U19 Teams

Previously Enid Soccer Club has offered local 11v11 coed divisions for players U13 and older. Due to member feedback, the club plans to offer different playing formats rather than coed divisions. While the number of players at the club has increased each season since 2014, many players are now on travel or competitive rosters. This has caused the number of local recreational 11v11 teams to decrease.

The player registration count for each age group U13-U19 will be analyzed after registration has ended and a playing format will be determined for each. Age groups will be combined as necessary. However, there are no plans to offer coed divisions. Most likely, these divisions will play 4v4, 6v6, 8v8, or 9v9 depending on the number of players and roster sizes. The playing format will also include an appropriate field size.