Coaching Handbook

Welcome coaches and thank you for volunteering to coach. Your help is very much appreciated.

Our recreational coaches are almost entirely parent volunteers. Prior playing experience is helpful, but not necessary. The club provides training and resources throughout the year. To help make coaching easier, we have compiled this handbook of helpful information.

If you plan to coach and have not already, please register as a coach for the current season. This may be done online, by email, or at a registration event. After you have created a coach account, you must submit a background check. If Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA) Risk Management approves your submission, you may be assigned to a team by the ESC Registration Coordinator.

If you will be coaching a new team or would like to request particular players, please email the ESC Registration Coordinator with details. We do our best to honor all coach requests. However, there is no guarantee of specific team placement. Please encourage registering players to include team and coach name in the requests section.


The following is required for all coaches at Enid Soccer Club.

  • Review and abide by the ESC Administrative Regulations.
  • Review the ESC Playing Rules.
  • Submit a signed Coach Agreement form each spring and fall season.
  • Maintain an approved OSA Risk Management status.
  • Do not allow unregistered players to participate in any game or team practice.
  • Do not allow any player to join or transfer from your roster without ESC approval.
  • Do not allow any person to act as coach or assistant not designated by ESC.

GotSoccer Login

Coaches are expected to keep their GotSoccer coaching account up to date. Your GotSoccer coach login is also used to submit background checks for OSA (Oklahoma Soccer Association) Risk Management. You cannot be assigned to coach a team until you have an approved and current background check.

Background checks expire one year after the form is submitted. You should receive an email reminder to submit a new background check about 30 days before expiration. You must keep your background check current to continue coaching.

GotSoccer Coach Login


All Enid Soccer Club coaches are responsible for the following.

  • Attend ESC coach meetings.
    You will be informed of policies, regulations, and playing rules.
    ESC coordinators will be available to answer any questions you may have.
    You will be given your team roster, including player contact information, at the meeting.
  • Have a pre-season meeting with parents.
    Discuss practice schedule, expectations, and methods for ongoing communication.
    Get uniform numbers and sizes for each of your players.
    Be sure all parents know how to contact you with questions during the season.
  • Keep parents and players informed throughout the season.
    Relay any changes to practice and game schedules.
  • Decide on a team name and colors.
    This can be decided by the coach or collectively by your team.
    Whenever possible, please check existing team names and colors.
  • Organize player uniforms for your team.
    Enid Soccer Club does NOT provide player uniforms.
    Each player jersey must have a unique number.
  • Display good sportsmanship and teach it to your players and parents.
  • Be courteous to all referees, regardless of the referee’s age or experience level.


Team practice may be held at the soccer complex, schools, churches, or a neighborhood park. Any open space may be used that is available and convenient to your team. Practice space at the complex is first-come, first-served. There are no practice area reservations. Review the most recent ESC field map to determine available practice areas.


Most ESC games are scheduled on Saturdays. For teams that are available, games may also be scheduled on Sunday afternoons. In addition, younger age groups may have weekday games scheduled, typically on a Tuesday or Thursday. Older age groups will not generally play weekday games unless specifically requested.

Game cancellations and complex closures will be posted online. Games canceled due to weather or field conditions will be rescheduled. Visit the stay connected page for detailed information on how to receive updates from Enid Soccer Club.

A referee is provided by ESC for all U7 and older games. A referee may be provided for U5-U6 games, depending on availability. Some age groups also require two assistant referees. In cases where an official referee is not present, one coach from each team may act as referee. In this case, coaches are allowed on the field during play.


Local recreational coaches are not required to obtain a license. However, it is encouraged. Visit the OSA coaching courses page for detailed information including an upcoming course schedule. Coaches who complete a course will be reimbursed. Please email a copy of the receipt and certificate of completion to the ESC Treasurer.

Goal Safety

Soccer goals can cause serious injury when guidelines are not followed.

Enid Soccer Club maintains a strict policy regarding goal safety. Game field goals may only be moved by authorized personnel. For the safety of other members, do not make any adjustments to game field goals. Do not swing or hang on any goals or nets. Never remove any type of goal anchors for any reason.

Disciplinary Actions

Coaches are subject to a caution and being sent off by a referee. A sent off coach must leave the playing area. Referees have the authority to terminate a match due to coach behavior. The disciplinary process is detailed in the ESC Administrative Regulations.