The ESC Academy program allows players the opportunity to further their soccer development in a structured environment with instruction from licensed ESC staff coaches. The ESC Academy program offers some different options than those offered at most other clubs. The focus of the program is player development. Participation can be in preparation to play competitive or travel soccer, as a substitute for recreational soccer, or simply to receive additional coaching and training.

Unlike most Academy programs, the ESC Academy program is open to all ages. Depending on the age of the player, the program may serve a different purpose. Younger players may want coaching to prepare them to play at the competitive level while older players may simply want to continue participating in club soccer when they do not have a recreational division or team available in Enid. In addition, players participating in the ESC Recreational program may be seeking additional soccer development.

The sections below provide details about each aspect of the ESC Academy program. If you have any questions, please email

Fall 2017 Academy Schedule


The ESC Academy program is divided into three seasons. The program is available in fall, spring, and summer seasons. Players must register for each season that they wish to participate in the Academy program. Players participating in both the Recreational and Academy programs must register for each separately.


All ESC Academy program coaches are licensed ESC staff coaches. Players are assigned to training groups according to their age group and current skill level. The ESC Academy training environment is positive, confidence building, and encourages sportsmanship at all times. Players are able to develop their skills without ridicule, yelling, or overbearing treatment. Training time is coordinated with session plans that are available to parents upon request. Training incorporates activities that focus on both individual and team concepts and skills. The Academy program does play scheduled matches against opponents selected by staff coaches. However, no results are kept. The focus is learning the game at a high level without focus on winning and losing or match scores.


The ESC Academy program does not require purchasing a uniform. However, players are responsible for purchasing an inexpensive training jersey to be used at scheduled activities. Standard soccer equipment is required at all Academy program events. This includes shin guards for all players. Cleats are recommended but not required.


The ESC Academy seasons begin and end on the same dates as the Recreational program with the exception of the summer season, which takes place when Enid Public Schools have ended their school year activities. Each season requires separate registration. Academy sessions are Monday, Friday, and Saturday during the season. Saturday sessions are scheduled late in the afternoon or evening to allow players the option to participate in both the Recreational and Academy programs during the same season. All sessions are located at Enid Soccer Complex. Schedules are made available online each season.

•  Monday – Training and Development
•  Friday – Training and Development
•  Saturday – Match, Scrimmage, or Training


The following are some frequently asked questions about the ESC Academy program.

Can I participate in the Recreational and Academy programs during the same season? If so, do I have to register for each separately? Yes, players may participate in both programs. However, each requires a separate registration fee. The Academy schedule is setup with the goal of allowing participation in both programs.

Is the Academy program only for Competitive players? No, the program is open to all players. It allows all players to participate regardless of their age group, skill level, or intention to play soccer at any specific level in the future.

Will I need to purchase a uniform or other equipment? Players are responsible for purchasing an inexpensive training jersey. The program does not require a uniform. All participants are required to wear shin guards at all activities.

I coach an ESC Recreational team. Can I attend ESC Academy sessions? Yes, all registered and OSA Risk Management approved ESC coaches are welcome to attend and observe ESC Academy sessions. Whenever possible, ESC staff coaches are available for guidance, instruction, and review of best practices.